Liz Tonne

Liz Tonne is a vocal artist inspired by the unorthodox use of the human voice. Her work explores the infinite possibilities of the human voice, unmodified by electronic effects and typically without amplification. As an improviser she deconstructs the traditional role of the singer as a story teller or "melodic center", using her voice purely as a sound source. Originally from Pueblo, Colorado, Liz moved to Boston in 1985 where she became immersed in Boston's underground rock scene. In the 1990's she joined Mile Wide, an eclectic art-rock ensemble. whose experiments in improvisation led Tonne to collaborate with other improvisers, notably with Jonathan LaMaster's Saturnalia. Tonne is a member of the undr quartet, formed with James Coleman, Greg Kelley and Vic Rawlings in 1998. She is also a member of The BSC, a large ensemble of Boston improvisers directed by Bhob Rainey.